Tuners are indispensable tools for guitarists, no matter the style of instrument or music you play.  You will need to get, and keep, your guitar in tune.  I guess for the lucky few that have perfect pitch, it’s not such a great need, but if you’re like me, it’s absolutely necessary.

Tuners come in a wide range of styles and forms.  Some clip on to the guitar, others are held within hearing range of the strings.  Some work with your smartphone.  Others are pedal-based for use on-stage.  Some use a microphone to hear the tones, while others feel the vibrations in the instrument.  A few have customized settings to handle alternate tunings, while many are chromatic.

Click on the links below for information on different tuners, to help you choose the style and model that works best for you.

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-> Korg Hand-held Tuners <-

-> Snark Clip-on Tuners <-

More on the way, please check back often.

Remember, music makes the world a better place, so keep playing!

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