In my experience, every player can make use of reference materials to help them improve.  This is particularly true for beginning players, but also for more advanced musicians.  And books, whether ebooks or the old-fashioned hard copy type, can be great resources.

These resources include song books, books of chords and alternate tunings, and books of techniques, along with more non-traditional resource types.

There is a huge variety of song books out there, many covering different artists, but also some covering time periods or popular styles.  I have books on just The Beatles, for example.  I’ve seen books on the hits of the ’70’s, as another example, and even such as the top heavy metal tunes of all time.  I even have one covering the music of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

Books on techniques include different styles of playing, like fingerpicking, flat-picking, and how to play a slide.

There are a number of websites and apps out there that provide chords, tablature, or sheet music for an amazing array of songs.

Click on the links below for help with each resource.

-> The Ultimate Guitar Chord and Scale Bible <-

More on the way, please check back often.

Remember, music makes the world a better place, so keep playing!

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