Guitars cases provide the protection you need for your guitar.  Not just protection from bumps and dings when you take it out of the house, but also protection from the environment, whether it is from extreme temperatures or changes in humidity.

Cases come in three main types:  hard cases, soft cases, and gig bags.  Hard cases are made of a hard material, like plywood or molded plastic, that totally enclose your guitar.  Gig bags are cloth bags with some level of foam sewn in for protection.  What I call soft cases are a hybrid between the two types.  The exterior is cloth like a gig bag, but the guitar rests in hard foam, like the interior of a hard case.

Getting the right fit is crucial for maximizing the protection of your precious instrument.  If the fit is too loose, you run the risk of damaging your guitar when it bounces around inside the case.

Click on the links below for information on different cases to help you choose which case is most appropriate for your needs, and your budget.

I’ve also included information on cases for banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles for each manufacturer.  I’ve found that many guitarists play more than one type of instrument, so I’ve tried to help with those also.

-> How to choose a guitar case <-

-> Gator hard cases <- – hard and soft cases for guitars, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles

-> Gator gig bags <- – gig bags for guitars, acoustic basses, and ukuleles

-> SKB cases <- – hard and soft cases, along with one model of gig bag, for guitars, banjos, and mandolins

More on the way, please check back often.

Remember, music makes the world a better place, so keep playing!

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