About Me

Cade Coldren - About Me PhotoHi!  I’m Cade and would like to welcome you to Guitar Gear Galore.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I bought my first acoustic guitar back in the mid-1980’s.  It was a beautiful Guild dreadnought with a gorgeous sound.  Unfortunately, I was forced to sell it to help pay for college when I went back to school several years later to work on my master’s degree.  I still regret that decision.


Well, time went on, and a wife and two kids later, I decided it was time to renew my interest in playing.  So, in 2009 I bought a new acoustic and haven’t stopped playing since.


Back in the 80’s, I didn’t really learn much about playing except for some basic chords and strumming patterns.  Once I decided to play again, I chose to take lessons to help propel me along.  With that came the recommendation to buy a capo and a tuner.  My first thought was “what is a capo?”  I started researching those accessories, and found myself interested in others, as well.  When it came time to change the strings, I was bewildered by the choices.  Should I use phosphor bronze or 80/20?  What gauge?  What about coatings?  The possibilities seemed endless.


What I hope to provide here at Guitar Gear Galore is the result of my research into all the options regarding accessories.  I would like to help beginners, and some intermediate, players understand the options.  Ultimately, my desire is to provide the research so that players can play, and make music, instead of spending their time trying to decide which capo, or tuner, or whatever, to buy.  The more music we can make, the better off the world will be.


If you have any comments, please leave them below.


Get Out And Make Music,